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Hi. It works now. Thanks a lot for your work!

Allow me to restate (hopefully more clearly): I got the "ECU B FAIL FEDEC CHECK FAQ", but it was not clear where to find the FAQ. I assumed it would have been included in a documentation folder or README file contained in your download. After a bit of searching, I found it was actually referring to the FAQ section here in flightsim.to. When I did find the FAQ, none of them applied to my issue or corrected the problem.

I continued searching threads on several forums when I discovered short comment which mentioned something along the lines of "having crashes disabled will send a failure code". I've tested it myself and the engine runs just fine with crashes disabled in spite of the failure message. My suggestion is that other pilots may find it helpful if you listed this behavior as a known issue.

I have a feeling this livery was broken before SU5, but is currently broken (after hotfix). All the control surfaces lock up, cant turn on efb, cant start plane, done exact same flight with different livery, and all was good

love this livery; please update it for sim update 5 when you get a chance (it currently breaks the g1000)

Old version works well with update 5 except no gear control, but this version has no cockpit with the 7/30 bug fix update

Everyday is like Christmas morning! Thanks for these daily 747 gifts. Trabalho fantástico meu amigo, assim como sempre!

Awesome work! Thank you sir... If youre a fan of Pennsylvania's GA airports, may I suggest KWBW?

On his Twitter he said that he is working on an update

Support your developers, especially for freeware. Give donations. Even if it's just a small amount. I am going to donate again so the next time they log in they will see more in their account!

Ótima fotogrametria de Recife, infelizmente não está mais funcionando depois do Sim Update V. Poderia corrigir, por favor. Grato e parabéns pelo trabalho!

after sim update 5 the ATC just keep saying taxing to general aviation parking and did not saying which route should I taxi, than I can't taxi to the gate when I landed, I get stuck after I clear the runway.

Okay, thanks for the feedback. My theory is maybe because I have % symbol on the file names, that it may prevent you from downloading it. (for some reason). I've removed the % symbol from all my file names. Try to also clear your browser cache, and close and reopen your browser before visiting this page again. Just so the browser can fetch a new page from the server than taking it from the cache.

Wow, I've landed here many times. I used to take dates there for a round of golf and a burger (I was even a member at the golf course). I know it well (and it's in my old childhood stomping grounds). Thanks for the work on this. I'm looking forward to giving it a go. Greetings from Mankato!

This is the final day for the Savage Obstruction. This project will be deleted tomorrow on August 1, 2021. Thank you all for having an obnoxiously fun time with this big-wheeled bird!

Yeah, its working for me in the Sim Update 5. This also includes several of their recommended liveries, the GTN750 Mod alongside an installed WT G1000 version 4.0 (not the g1000 from the market place, however).

One of my most favorite planes right now.

Sounds wonderful. Flies amazing.

Hmm that's weird. I just tried to download the Main file and it works fine for me. Maybe try to clear your browser cache close and reopen the website?

Do you know which specific file that you're having trouble downloading?

Here ya go! Thanks for the heads-up.

Bonjour à tous et merci pour vos commentaires.

Je n'ai pas reçu de notifications par courriel pour les commentaires reçus si bien que je viens seulement de les consulter. Alors veuillez excuser le retard à y répondre.

La dernière mise à jour de la scène corrige les élévations de terrain erronées, en supprimant les polygones au sol, devenus inutiles après les mises à jour de FS2020.

Bons vols!

Hi, great repaint but after Sim Update 5 it needs the following added to the texture.cfg file ......otherwise there are horrible pink textures!




Excited for the update for compatibility with SU5

this is a excellent aircraft and would like to congratulate the Autor for this amazing job ,however msfs update 5 disable all instrument function i hope to see this aircraft flying again in my simulator thanks , god bless

I tried flying the planes that didn't have the double pilot issue and the other issues are present, controls in active cockpit are broken. Sorry I should have tested issue 2 and 3 instead of just looking for the double pilot and assuming if no double pilot it must be working. My bad. All planes seem to be affected by the version 5 update. Thanks again for this mod. Hope you can update it.

cabin instruments and buttons are not working with update 5

Same here... 400 Bad Request (and I can download other files on flightsim.to with no errors)

I get an error when I try to download

I added all the planes and then tried them sitting short of a runway one at a time. These are the planes with the double pilot issue.














Hope this may help get the issue resolved or updated.

The remaining planes either don't have the double pilot issue or I couldn't see it from the pilots seat. These seem to not have the double pilot issue:







Thanks for the time and effort and great work on the copilot mod. I wish I could be more help.

Updated the mod to 2.0 with 25% larger arrows as the main file while retaining the previous 15% as an optional download instead. I hope this give you better visibility than before. Thank you and enjoy.

I placed your new texture file in the 3rd party livery texture folder to replace the original but wing texture is still "broken" = purple checkered box. Do you know why?

It still works with SU5 on my end. Though the only bug/issue even before SU5 is that there's a floating United 767-400 at one of the hangers at KDEN. Other than that, I'd like to see KIAH and KSAT.

I don't think it is. Before SU5, I could fly the plane without any FADEC messages on the EICAS, but now they show up and the throttle levers don't move, and it won't allow me to flip down the fuel control locks to stop me from accidentally shutting off the fuel flow to move the levers down to crossfeed. Hope it'll be fixed, one of my favorite modded planes to fly.

Someone else mentioned that the liveries are specifically to do with the A32NX, but I can't confirm that. It's 3:30am here and I only fixed this around 3:15am so I'm tired lol.

Will update if I pinpoin the liveries at fault which are causing crashes.

NOT working with after update 5 In fact several legacy aircraft not working. And that really really SUCKS!!!! Before that, this was a nice plane. Hope we can solve the problem. I really liked MSFS before the July 2021 update ....now...idk.

that sucks cause the stock game is now bugged and sometimes the handlebar wont go away!

Hey All! Just have a potential fix for those crashing with this airport (or any other large airport).

Firstly, I was crashing here and throught this mod (which is a terrific mod btw) was the issue. However, I reconsidered after crashing every time I tried to spawn at JFK. What I realised is that there seem to be liveries in the simulator which are causing the crash.

Upon changing the ground airport aircraft density to 0, I have been able to reinstall this mod and it is now working with the SU5. All other major airports seem to be working fine without CTDs.

It's a shame that the SDK isn't working and mkvy has done an amazing job with this mod. The mod is working with SU5 but hopefully Asobo ups their developer support.

Thanks all!