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Version 0.33
Initial Release November 10, 2020
Last Updated April 20, 2021
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Now available in Stream Deck store!

We have started a discussion thread in GitHub to share pre-built profiles https://github.com/nguyenquyhy/Flight-Tracker-StreamDeck/discussions/128. Everyone is welcome to post their creation!

This is a plugin for Elgato Stream Deck that provides you with buttons to interface with Microsoft Flight Simulator via SimConnect. There are some preset buttons allowing you to simply drag & drop and choose the required function. There are also generic buttons and gauges allowing you to access a wide selection of SimConnect variables and events.

The buttons from this plugin have several benefits comparing to buttons with key bindings:

  • The buttons do not emulate keypress, so you don’t have to worry about matching keyboard binding in-game. You don’t have to worry about other software happen to mistakenly take those keys in either.
  • The buttons interact with the sim directly via SimConnect, so the sim does not have to be in focus. You can be reading chart (or any other software), and all buttons will still works.
  • It can show a lot of information from the sim.
  • The buttons can perform some more “advanced” interactions than normal Stream Deck buttons. For examples.
    • Holding COM/NAV button shows you a numpad to enter frequency (not available on Stream Deck Mini due to limited buttons).
    • Holding HDG button sync current heading.
    • Tapping +/- button increase/decrease 1 unit while holding does so at 10 units.
Installation from Stream Deck store (with auto update)
  1. Click More Actions button in the bottom right corner of Stream Deck software
  2. Search for Flight Tracker & click Install
  3. Accept the prompt to install the plugin and the profiles. The profile is a special numpad, allowing you to enter COM/NAV frequency and transponder code.
  4. You should now see Flight Tracker group in your list of buttons.
Manual Installation
  1. Download latest version and unzip
  2. Double click the file tech.flighttracker.streamdeck.streamDeckPlugin to install
    • If you manually created the folder tech.flighttracker.streamdeck.sdPlugin previously in %appdata%\Elgato\StreamDeck\Plugins, you will see an error saying "This custom action is already installed." In this case you will need to manually remove that folder before trying again.
  3. Accept the prompt to install the plugin and the profiles. The profile is a special numpad, allowing you to enter COM/NAV frequency and transponder code.
  4. You should now see Flight Tracker group in your list of buttons.
User Guide


Reporting Issue

If you have any issue with the plugin, it is better to report it in our GitHub page so that you can attach useful information for troubleshooting such as screenshots, logs and profile exports.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to issue at the link above or leave a comment here.

Other useful links

Source Code: https://github.com/nguyenquyhy/Flight-Tracker-StreamDeck
Releases: https://github.com/nguyenquyhy/Flight-Tracker-StreamDeck/releases

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Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 0.33 April 20, 2021

    - Add variables `GENERAL ENG STARTER:{index}`, `LIGHT PANEL POWER SETTING:{index}` and `LIGHT CABIN POWER SETTING:{index}` (thanks @Nezz)
    - Fix crashes when ADF frequency is 0

  • Version 0.32 April 04, 2021

    - Number in custom gauge now shows in red when the value is less than minimum
    - Fix constant crashes if an invalid image is selected as custom background (will fallback to default background)
    - Fix NAV/COM button sometimes flashing warning icon
    - Fix default background is sometimes broken at the top

  • Version 0.31 March 29, 2021

    - Add ADF1/2 to NAV & COM button
    - Add background image support for NAV & COM button
    - Add support for displaying `LOCAL TIME` and `ZULU TIME` in readable format (put 0 or 1 in decimal places to choose the formatting `hh:mm:ss` or `hh:mm`)
    - Add `~` compare operator as a different version of `==` for feedback value (33.33~33)
    - Add settings to suppress toggle event if hold event is triggered
    - Add events
    - `FUEL_SELECTOR_{index}_SET`
    - MobiFlight's CJ4 events
    - Add variables
    - `LIGHT CABIN ON:index`
    - Fix a bug where Tab/Hold setting of NAV & COM button does not load correctly

  • Version 0.30 March 14, 2021

    - Add Hold Event for Generic Toggle Button
    - Fix some crashes when updating button images

Pretty empty over here.

  • RedBar0N
    1 day(s) ago
    Using the latest build of FT for Streamdeck on Windows 10 20H2, i get a message ''this custom action can't be installed on this operating system'' , any idear's?
    • nguyenquyhy
      23 hour(s) ago
      Strange. I am on the same Windows version. Also the only restriction is that you have to be on Windows 10. I would guess that there is some registry error and Stream Deck think that you are not on Windows 10.
    30 day(s) ago
    Hi, thanks for your continued updates. I installed this manually long ago, what's the best way to see which version I have installed? If I update, will I have to remake my profiles? Thanks.
    • nguyenquyhy
      30 day(s) ago
      Basically I try my best to make sure all new update is compatible with existing profiles, so you should not need to redo them. One way to know which version you are using is to click on More Action button in Stream Deck software and find Flight Tracker inside there.
      29 day(s) ago
      Thank you for the help!
  • Abtzero
    1 month(s) ago
    Thanks for this Addon!!!
    I just installed the profile into STream deck (downloading within Streamdeck), but now I can not change anything in this profile. Why is this?
    • nguyenquyhy
      1 month(s) ago
      Hmm which profile are you talking about?
    • joeljodel
      1 month(s) ago
      Hello to all,

      Great work but I have the same problem than Abzero.
      I installed Flight Tracker and KobiFlightConnector and everything worked well. Problem appeared when I restart my computer, it is not possible to modify or display keys related to flightTracker neither related to Mobiflight in stream deck software.
      As soon as I click on these keys nothing happened and Stream deck crash!
      If I click on keys related to stream deck function it is OK.
      I try to reinstall all the applications but I have the same issue.
      Remark when I reinstalled streamdeck software ''flight tracker'' already installed and not possible to unstall it at each time.
      Please help as I was so happy when it works it is so wonderfull.
    • nguyenquyhy
      1 month(s) ago
      Could you please file an issue in our GitHub https://github.com/nguyenquyhy/Flight-Tracker-StreamDeck/issues with some screenshots and logs (%appdata%\Elgato\StreamDeck\Plugins\tech.flighttracker.streamdeck.sdPlugin with names like flightstreamdeck20210403.log)? Looks like the plugin crashes for some reasons.
  • thekow
    1 month(s) ago
    What was the status of having two or 3 values displayed on the one button or two different actions on the same button. I was wanting to have all the warning lights on one button. Stall , Overspeed, Caution.
    • nguyenquyhy
      1 month(s) ago
      I don't think anyone works on that yet 😀.
  • popele3
    1 month(s) ago
    Thanks again for this app.
    When will you give it a connection with your Flight Recorder ?
    • nguyenquyhy
      1 month(s) ago
      Haha thanks for using both tools. I do have a plan to add that but I don't know exactly how the feature would look like yet https://github.com/nguyenquyhy/Flight-Recorder/issues/19.
    • popele3
      1 month(s) ago
      Don't make knots with your neurons !
      We only need six functions: Start/Stop recording and the four replay ones. Others are not in-flight functions and can be used by clicking the buttons. (Could be improved later).
      Keep it simple, basic and efficient like Flight Recorder is.
      No need for a powerplant making all including coffee ! I bought the Italian app two days before you release Flight Recorder, and I didn't use it after, cause I don't even understand how it works (and don't want to try).
  • fanatic1983
    1 month(s) ago
    First of all a very big thank you.
    How can I assign lights? (Beacon/Strobe/etc.)?
    Is it possible to upload a profile? That we can import it ?

    • nguyenquyhy
      1 month(s) ago
      On the top of the description above you can find a link to a discussion thread with some profiles. I remember some other profiles are also unloaded here in flightsim.to. Or you can go to our thread in MSFS forum for some others https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/stream-deck-button-box-my-c172-implementation/229137.

      It is a bit all over the places at the moment, so I am thinking of building a small page to collect all those profiles from our contributors for easier access.
  • pjglewis
    2 month(s) ago
    Hi - Sorry it's me again! I have been spending a lot of time recently setting up a default aircraft profile (the Beechcraft Baron G58) with Flight Tacker so that I can then replicate it of all the simpler aircraft by deleting buttons as appropriate (I was intending to pop these on the site for others, but I just can't get it finished!

    Overall it has been going quite well, and most of it is now done. I do have a few odd Simconnect issues that have me stumped - which I may ask about some time - but my biggest problem by far is with the G1000 Audio Panel. I had no issues setting up the PFD and MFD (including the the soft key menus, knobs and joysticks), being able to use all of the Mobiflight commands to get pretty much everything fully operational. The Audio Panel however is a different story. Not one of the buttons will work. There are no Mobiflight threads about any issues (and all of the toggle values are in the Mobiflight file in my Community folder - because I checked. Also, when I checked MSFS 2020 for the operations of the keys in question (in developer mode), all of the variables seemed correct too.

    I can't really see why it would be a Flight Tracker issue, but I can't think what else the problem could be. Have you heard from anyone else with any issues? Do you have any ideas?


  • spartansfan95
    2 month(s) ago
    Does anyone know how to create buttons for the logo lights, taxi light, runway lights, and other lighting? I assume you have to use generic toggle button but how do I fill in the toggle event boxes and such?
    • nguyenquyhy
      2 month(s) ago
      You can checkout the link above to the discussion thread that has some sample profiles.
    • pjglewis
      2 month(s) ago
      Take the Taxi lights for example. This would be Toggle event - TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS and Feedback value - LIGHTS_TAXI
      Then set a suitable on image and a suitable off image and away you go.
  • kstorm
    2 month(s) ago
    Nguyenquyhy Great work 😊

    I have made 2 Generic Toggle Button's for the engine start on the A320 with the 'TOGGLE_FUEL_VALVE_ENG1' and 'TOGGLE_FUEL_VALVE_ENG2' but can't find the feedback value for that, so i can se on the stream deck that it is on, and that the images changes.
    I know i can hear the engine spin up, but it could be nice to se it as on, on the stream deck!

    I have tried the 'GENERAL_ENG_FUEL_VALVE__1' but that dont work 😞
  • Baron1
    3 month(s) ago
    Do I have to do anything to update this through Stream Deck store?
    • nguyenquyhy
      3 month(s) ago
      You don't have to do anything once the update reach the store. However, since the update is automatic for everyone, I normally wait a couple of days after releasing on GitHub and this site before sending the new package to Elgato to make sure there is no big issue in the new version. And then it will take a couple more days for Elgato to briefly check the update and put it in the store.
    • Baron1
      3 month(s) ago
      Great, Thanks!
  • gundamf91
    3 month(s) ago
    Hãnh diện ghê.
  • dmo012
    3 month(s) ago
    Any chance we can get this working with the Working Title CJ4 mod?

    • nguyenquyhy
      3 month(s) ago
      Unfortunately H events are internal to the sim and aren't accessible via SimConnect. I would suggest you to request WorkingTitle to expose normal SimConnect events instead, so it can play nice with all SimConnect plugins.

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