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Version v0.4.0.1
Initial Release November 02, 2020
Last Updated April 18, 2021
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This mod aims to improve the default DA62 in as many aspects as possible.Also included is a modified checklist that takes into account missing features and a quick rundown of the added systems (G1000, FADEC and Anti-Ice)

Key Features

The FADEC controls manifold pressure, injected fuel quantity and propeller speed according to the desired engine power preselected with the power lever. The RPM will follow the RPM set curve. (Further details in the included PDF)

Engine changes 

  • Accurate engine performance in relation to pressure altitude and temperature
  • More accurate fuel flows
  • More accurate Oil/Coolant temperature and pressure behaviour
  • Fixed Fuel Pumps (no fuel flow increase)

Compatibile with WT G1000 Mod

  • Fixed Load, RPM indications
  • Added systems and fuel page with funtional fuel totaliser (G1000 mod)
  • Correct Engine and Ammeter indication behaviour
  • Added Aux tank fuel indication
  • CAS messages added for Engine, Anti ice, Gear, Failures and other systems.


  • Cruise speeds and climb rates more closely match AFM numbers
  • Smoother less twitchy control compared to default
  • Improved Cl table and stall characteristics
  • Increased flap lift and drag
  • Increased gear drag
  • Tighter turn radius on the ground


  • Completely redone Anti-Ice systems with modes/endurance and functional Ice-Light
  • Functional windshield defrost
  •  ECU Tests, functional ECU voters and feathering*
  • Simulated fuel/gearbox temperature
  • Adjustable standby instrument brightness (linked to G1000)
  • Improved autopilot PIDs with correct lateral and vertical limitations


  • Improved Internal cockpit lighting and ambience
  • Added white Navlight
  • Strobes behave like LED strobes
  • Added metal leading edge and MT logo to static prop
  • I Recommend these liveries from BilingualHarp7. They are specifically made to be compatible with the DA62X


  • Engine will sputter and fail when pushed too hard
  • Oil and fuel starvation when flying inverted.
  • Fuel totaliser can be reset using the ELT
  • Deice fluid can be reset (must be fully shutdown on the ground with the parking brake on)
  • Added Debugging CAS messages to help figuring out mod compatibility


  • Add/fix feathering animations (im not capable of this)
  • VMC and spin behavior (when tail stalling is added)


FAQ can be found here

Thanks for the help:
Nishmaster, Tim, Birdy,Uwajimaya, Jonasbeaver, BilingualHarp7, FrettFS and others

How do I know if the mod is installed

There is grey triangle filling the bottom left of the default thumbnail. 

Throttle levers not moving and Prop RPM stays at 2100RPM.(FADEC CAS message)

FADEC Code hasn’t loaded in. Check the Incompatible mod list.

LOW VOLTS/ALTNR AMPS warning and no Engine indications.(Livery CAS message)

The ModelBehaviorDefs folder isn’t being loaded in. Check the Incompatible mod/livery list.

MFD and PFD are swapped.

Check if you are using any liveries or cockpit repaints. Check the list.

Propeller RPM is all over the place/RPM is low and low engine power

Your propeller axis is probably interfering with the FADEC. It can be that the sensors are jittering. Move your assigned propeller lever or wheel to an end stop. (0% or 100%) This should fix it.

Controlling the DA62X seems sluggish, slow and heavy.

We all know how sensitive the planes are in this game. Check if you have sensitivity curve setup in your control settings. The DA62X doesn’t need a curve and it is recommended that you fly with a linear curve.

Unable to takeoff and or the plane rolls and flips uncontrollably

Only the modern flightmodel is supported. Check that you are not using the legacy flightmodel.

Incompatible mod/plugins:

Uwajimaya’s lighting mod: Its included and improved
Kinetic assist: delete simconnect.cfg in your “my documents” folder.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version v0.4.0.1 April 18, 2021

    Fixed G1000 for WU4

    Flap indications properly show when flaps are transitioning

  • Version v0.4 March 20, 2021

    Big thanks to mugz for adding the following:
    Pilots (Can be toggled on the pedal adjustment switches)
    Arm rest can be fliped down
    Enabling 3 position ECU voters.
    Gear/Fire test button (no animation)
    New camera angles.

    PDF and checklist updated

    Some simple code added to reduce overshoot
    ECU Voters now fully work
    The engine will stutter when switching ECU
    Left vent can be pressed to run both ECU test at the same time
    Lowered starter torque

    Flaps indications are now correct
    Gear fire test works (no animation and sound)
    Added differential braking
    Fixed cockpit trim indication
    MD302 mod by Abdullah compatible. V0.1 included, Drag and drop into your community folder (more details in PDF)
    MD302 brightness linked to both G1000s (mod and standard)

    Ground effect tweaked (less sudden)
    Increased tail incidence

  • Version v0.3.5.1 March 02, 2021

    Revert the flap lift fix for the bug that was now fixed...

  • Version V0.3.5 February 23, 2021

    Reduced thrust scalar for the fixed thrust bug
    Fadec controls Torque and not directly power. Less overshooting and smoother control.
    ECU Test behavior improved.
    ECU run-up no longer moves the throttle lever(thanks Abdullah), and moving it above 5% will cancel the runnup
    Tool tips for ECU test added and removed incorrect throttle % indication.
    ECU voters are inop, because you guys cant stop playing around

    Engine will sputter when overloaded for too long and if the fuel is too cold (-42°C)
    ECUs will fail when the engine is failed.
    Inverted flight will cause oil and fuel starvation

    Fuel temperature is simulated using simplified physics
    - Lower fuel quanitiy will cause higher fuel temps.

    Flaps lift scalar set to 0.5 for World Update3
    Drag adjusted for fixed thrust bug
    Cruise attitude more accurate (+1° ish)
    Increased adverse yaw
    Increased aileron effectiveness
    Increased rudder deflection
    Increased control athourity all around.
    Dihedral stability increased.
    Tweeked ground effect
    Better nosewheel control at higher speeds
    Fixed inertia values (I mixed up 2 values)
    Reduced gear drag slightly
    Stall speeds increased due to the MÄM62-001 modification (increased MTOW)

    Fuel totaliser stops counting when unlimted fuel is selected
    Fuel totaliser wont show negative values
    Added "Debugging" CAS messages to G1000. ("incompatible Livery", FADEC) to help debug
    Autopilot PIDs improved
    Autopilot no longer controls rudder (yes it did that)
    Removed ground tug
    Removed yellow fuel temp indicaton between -30 and -25°
    Standby instrument brightness is now linked to the G1000 brightness
    Gear warning is active below 20% Power lever position

Pretty empty over here.

  • zoldnier
    13 day(s) ago
    After the last MS update I have some problems by landing on runways with ILS. AP id engaded, APR button is active, the ILS frequency is OK, the vector and altidude is correct, but the LOC is still turned off and the plane continue with GPS. Have this happend to someone as well and can help me?
  • LawnDartPilot
    16 day(s) ago
    Not sure why 4.0.1 is needed? MS already patched/fixed the gps issues that they caused...so as long as you didnt touch anything, the g1000 should now work fine with 4.0.0...at least mine seems to...not sure I really need to download this update...or if i should even if i wanted to.
    • dustninja
      16 day(s) ago
      I think it was because the engine panel didn't work after the update
    • LawnDartPilot
      16 day(s) ago
      ah, ok...thanks
  • Sixtymikegrr
    17 day(s) ago
    Excuse my ignorance, but what is the MD302 mod?
    • xINTENSORx
      17 day(s) ago
      MD302X is an improvement mod for MSFS default MD302 unit (aka AS1000 backup). Currently, it adds a one-hour battery that allows the unit to work in case of an electrical failure.
  • DMullert
    17 day(s) ago
    My PFD's are black with a bunch of XXX's. What's going on?
    • rkl122
      17 day(s) ago
      Not sure if this is reason, but this ( mod's panel.xml file does NOT contain the WTEngineDisplay chunk of xml code called for by kaosfere's note above. It's got the starting and ending tags, but nothing in between. Not clear why this would be since kaosfere's note precedes this release by four days.
  • edpatino
    17 day(s) ago
    Thanks a lot for the update. Excellent mod
  • AdamskiNZ
    19 day(s) ago
    For some reason, my throttle doesn't work (neither do the keyboard keys) - is this g1000-related?

    EDIT: The latest MSFS minor patch/update (today) appears to have fixed this ... YAY!
  • kaosfere
    21 day(s) ago
    Hello, users of this mod. Rob from Working Title here. With World Update 4 there has been a change to the sim that disabled the code we used to load our custom engine display pages, so we've had to change the way we do that. This, unfortunately, affects this mod.

    I've posted on the official thread about this, and hopefully Mrtommymxr can release an update soon. But until then, if you want to get the old gauges back, you'll need to do a little work yourself.

    Details are at the link below, but basically you need to go into your mod, inside the SimObjects/Airplanes/Asobo_DA62/panel/ directory, and copy all the content from WTEngineDisplay.xml directly into panel.xml. It doesn't matter much where you put it, but it's probably easiest just to paste it in at the bottom right above the final </PlaneHTMLConfig> tag.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    • edpatino
      17 day(s) ago
      It would be interesting to know the reasons why Asobo have changed this. Is it documented by Asobo?.
    • edpatino
      17 day(s) ago
      Followed the instructions to the letter, the mod works, but the G1000 display is affected and is not the same as before WU4 (even with the suggested edits to the panel.xml file). Hopefully there's an update from the original author soon. Thanks to the WT team!
  • CptCharlie130
    21 day(s) ago
    This model is now broken by the latest Asobo Update 1.15.7. The G1000 is blank!
    • flightsimthree
      21 day(s) ago
      That's not this mod which breaks the G1000, its the G1000 mod.
    • CristiNeagu
      21 day(s) ago
      WT have released an update to the G1000 but it looks like panel.xml for this plane has to be updated to work with it.
    • flightsimthree
      21 day(s) ago
      you can update it pretty easily following kaosfere's instructions without having to wait for an update 😊
  • Monnette
    22 day(s) ago
    Does this mod still work with the version of MSFS?
  • Phil0671
    22 day(s) ago
    Thanks for this superb work !
    A quick question. Are you 2 odels the ones that are in development on GITHUB?

  • qhani92
    28 day(s) ago
    Hello. Anyone having trouble seeing the G1000 black on Captain's side? Ty
  • ollieh1
    1 month(s) ago
    Anyone else having the issue of a 'debug' box appearing in the G1000 when using this mod with the working title g1000 mod? I can't seem to get around the debug box? Any ideas?

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